Helicopter Pilot Training and Licensing

Contact ACAE Global To assist you in making an informed decision about your Helicopter flight training and Pilot Licensing requirements including Medicals. Helicopter Size Upgrade etc.


HOW DO I START?  We recommend that you take an introductory flight of about 30 minutes. During this flight with one of our instructors, you will be shown how to fly a helicopter yourself. This starts with effects of controls and an exciting flight to show you the versatility of helicopters. The flight time will be added to your licence should you wish to continue.

WHAT ABOUT MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS AND AGE? We assure you that you do not need to be Superman to be a good pilot! However, there are minimum entry requirements Age: minimum of 17 years for a PPL and 18 years for a CPL.

The SACAA requires a Class 2 medical certificate for a PPL and a Class 1 medical certificate for a CPL.

ACCOMMODATION AND AMENITIES ACAE Global provides training inclusive of accommodation and Shuttle Services. The Security Standards required due to Access restrictions to our Trainers' Heliport Centre, it is recommended that all Candidates are using ACAE Global Training Shuttle and are dressed into our Logoed Tops for easy Identification. The training is based in Sandton and social amenities are within reach for your entire Training Stay.

Our helicopter pilot training is conducted at a heliport centre. Our Trainers have extensive experience in training from ab-initio to advanced commercial qualifications and our graduates have gone on to become captains with helicopter operators across Africa and the rest of the world



  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Night Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Instructors Rating
  • Conversion Training
  • Game Capture and Cull Ratings
  • External Load Rating
  • Advanced Pilot Training
  • Our success is the result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy and sophisticated training programs to translate that philosophy into tangible results. Private as well as commercial flying requires much more than flying a helicopter, it includes an effective and adaptable procedural capability, applied operational knowledge as well as proficient and confident command skills. All these are taught and then practised through planned exposure to various conditions and situations. Theory and practical training are integrated throughout the training program and every dual and solo hour is used strategically for maximum productivity.

    Heli Pilot Programmes

    Earning a private helicopter pilot license brings an incredible feeling of accomplishment. The first step to fulfil your dream of flying helicopters is to get your Private Pilot’s License (PPL). At your discretion, you can include the initial PPL training rating training on another type of aircraft. The course will then be structured in such a way as to suit your specific requirements.

    Minimum requirements for Helicopter PPL:

  • minimum of 17 years of age
  • Class II Aviation Medical
  • 50 hrs Minimum Flying
  • Restricted Radio Licence and Exam
  • Seven Theoretical Exams
  • English Language Proficiency 
  • In order for you to obtain a PPL you will require a minimum of 50 hours flight time with a least 15 of the hours being solo. Included in the 50 Hours of flying are:

  • 20 Hours Dual Instruction
  • 15 Hours Solo flight time
  • 10 Hours Cross-Country Navigation Training
  • Five Hours Advance Instruction (Emergencies) 
  • PPL Training Kit:

    A kit is supplied to you upon enrolment. This kit includes the theoretical material as well as the equipment you will need as a Private Pilot.


    Theoretical Examinations:

    There are seven theoretical examinations required to obtain your PPL; these include:

  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Air Law
  • Flight Planning and Performance
  • Navigation
  • Helicopter Principles of Flight
  • Helicopter Technical and General
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    How Long Does It Take?

    All our Training programmes in the Helicopter Pilot Series take a minimum of 3 Months of daily intensive theoretic and Practical training.

    Flight training from PPL to CPL can be done in a few months, to a year or more if you are taking breaks in between levels.


    The next step after the PPL is to continue upgrading Helicopter Sizes and further complete the training to attain Commercial Pilots License (CPL). This license will allow you to operate a helicopter for a living.


    Minimum requirements for Helicopter CPL:
  • 18 years of age
  • Class I Aviation Medical
  • 200 hrs Minimum Flying including PPL Hours
  • General Radio Licence and Exam
  • Nine Theoretical Exams
  • You will require a minimum of 200 hours of flying for your CPL. You are able to include ratings and type ratings into your CPL pilot training.


    Included in the 200 Hours of flying are:

  • 100 Hours Pilot-in-Command (PIC)
  • 20 Hours Cross-Country Navigation Training
  • 9 Theoretical Examinations:


    There are nine theoretical examinations required to obtain your CPL; these include:
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Air Law
  • Flight Planning and Performance
  • Navigation
  • Helicopter Technical and General
  • Radio Aids
  • Instruments
  • General Radio Licence



    We are proud to announce that we have a state of the art SACAA

    approved Robinson RH44 FNPT II Simulator which is a great advantage to many of our clients wishing to subsidize some of the hours flown in an actual helicopter to obtain a licence or rating. Training on the simulator will allow for the hours flown to be credited towards the following licences and / or ratings, to name a few:

  • Five hours towards the initial PPL and Night Rating
  • 30 hours toward the initial Instrument Rating